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Motogadget mo.view spy
The handlebar end mirror in classic round design with ECE marking can be mounted above or below the handlebar. The angle of the mirror arm is individually selectable.

Product Details

Our glassless mirror series mo.view is unique in the world. The special feature of our mirrors is the patented mirror surface, which is worked directly from the metal of the body. The aluminum itself is the mirror surface.

The mirror body itself becomes very thin and light, creating a weightless design with no rim or frame. The convex mirror surface is manufactured by flycutting using diamond tools on ultra-precision machines in Berlin. It is then made resistant to oxidation, corrosion and abrasion by a complex plasma coating in a vacuum.

The mirror body, mirror arm and the clamp for the handlebar end are on CNC machines milled from solid aluminum and anodized high quality. All screws are made of stainless steel. The precise ball joint allows the comfortable and very stable adjustment of the mirror. Glass breakage or fallen out glasses are simply not possible.

The handlebar end mirror can be mounted above or below the handlebar. The small arm can be swiveled. The mirror is suitable for the right and left side. Mounting is directly on the handlebar end (22 mm and 1 inch) or if the grips and fittings can not be moved, using the mo.view bar adapter.

The size of the mirror surface does not comply with the StVZO and it has no ECE marking.

Technical Data

Mirror body diameter: 75 mm
Thickness of the mirror body without ball head: 4 mm
Length of the mirror arm: 61 mm
Clamp diameter: can be used for 22 mm and 1 inch handlebars
Clamp width: 8 mm
Weight: 86 g

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