ปีกคาร์บอนแบรนด์ดัง Ilmberger สำหรับรถ BMW S1000RR 2019+

หมวดหมู่ : BMW S1000RR 2019-2023




The winglet kit for the S1000RR K67 from 2019 also allows the use of our M wings on the S model, with all the advantages and without restrictions. For the first time, the striking M look with certified quality and ABE can also be used on the S. The kit also contains reinforcements for the inside of the fairing, so that the original side fairings can be used!
Notes on assembly:
- In addition to the winglets, the Winlgetkit also contains a drilling template for the original side panel parts. These must be drilled using the template to mount the winglets.
Notes on use with other Ilmberger Carbon products:
- With the Ilmberger carbon side panels of the M1000RR (VEL.003.M121S.K / VER.004.M121S.K), the holes required for assembly are already integrated, so that they no longer have to be drilled separately
- The supplied reinforcements for the inside of the fairing are not required for the Ilmberger Carbon side fairings (VEL.003.M121S.K / VER.004.M121S.K), due to their enormous strength.
In order to obtain a particularly harmonious overall picture, the fiber layers are inserted into the mold and aligned by experts. The carbon part nestles perfectly into the surrounding shapes of the motorcycle. The more of our parts are installed and combined, the more overwhelming the result.

For our carbon we only use prepreg fabric specially produced for this purpose, which is also used in a similar form in Formula 1 and aerospace. The material, which is laboriously laminated by hand and hardened in several stages in an autoclave, not only impresses with its unique appearance, but also with its unique technical properties. With the same volume, it has three times the specific stiffness of steel and at the same time, due to its particularly low density, only a fraction of its weight. These properties are particularly pronounced with us due to the high fiber volume content.

In order to optimally protect this high-quality material from all kinds of environmental influences, we are the only carbon manufacturer in the world to use a specially developed plastic coating on all surfaces. In combination with our clear coat, this ensures a previously unattainable and unique depth effect, which particularly emphasizes the high quality of the material.
The facts:
- With ABE
- With drilling template for quick and easy installation
- Noticeable improvement in the aerodynamics of the motorcycle
- The original coloring of the motorcycle is retained
- Sealing of all surfaces (inside and outside) with a unique plastic coating to protect against environmental influences of any kind
- Additional high-gloss clear coat finish on all visible surfaces
- optimally protected against UV light
- Supplied in ready-to-install condition
- TÜV certified quality
- made of prepreg material specially produced for Ilmberger
- Manufactured in-house according to ISO 9001

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