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แบรนด์ : TWM


First class Italian engineering and machinery from the Marchesini family! Designed to protect your brake lever at all times. Absolute top quality, workmanship, accuracy of fit, functionality and looks that are second to non.

Brake lever guards are mandatory to be installed by most racing organizations.

Whether you are racing, doing trackdays or building the ultimate street bike, these lever guards will give your bike the protection you want and the beautiful aesthetics to go along with it.

The TWM Italian flag sticker is easily removable for those who do not want it on their brake lever guards.

This product ONLY fits handle bars with 15mm to 19mm internal bar diameters OR if you do not wish to use the supplied bar-ends they will fit 22mm external diameter bars. Fits aftermarket clipon bars such as Renthal, Woodcraft, Vortex and many more!

This kit includes, two matching bar ends and one brake lever guard.
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