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First class Italian engineering and machinery from the Marchesini family! Designed to protect your brake lever at all times. Absolute top quality, workmanship, accuracy of fit, functionality and looks that are second to non.

Incredible weight savings.

The newest generation of the TWM Quick Action carbon fiber gas caps, featuring no visible bolts and the signature quick action quarter turn center filler cap.

The carbon surround is made from pre-preg high quality carbon which will not discolor in the sun. The Italian flag sticker is easily removable for those who do not want it on their gas caps.

TWM Special Components being part of the Marchesini family; you can rest assure you are getting only the highest quality product for your Ducati! The quality and the finish of these gas/fuel caps are like no others on the market.

The center handle piece is available in five colors, black, red, blue, silver or gold.
Gloss twill carbon fiber.

06 Fits:
899 Panigale - All Years
959 Panigale - All Years
1199 Panigale / S / R - All Years
1299 Panigale / S - All Years
Panigale V2 - All Years
Panigale V4 / V4S / V4R / Speciale - All Years
Diavel - All Years and Models
XDiavel - All Years and Models
Monster 696 / 796 / 1100 / EVO - All Years
Scrambler - All Years and Models
Streetfighter / S / 848 / 1098 - All Years

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